2 x 75cl Bottles Tellus Vita
2 x 75cl Bottles Energia


4 x 0,75 Liter Design Bottles – Shipment in EU Included

2 Vita bottles and 2 Energia bottles 


CULTIVAR (varieties of tree): TELLUS VITA is made from three different varieties of olive: two types originally from Sardinia, “Tonda di Cagliari” and “Pizz’e Carroga” and one originally from Tuscany named  “Leccino”.

CHARACTERISTICS: Clear and intense yellow colour, delicate aroma, with a smooth and elegant taste, TELLUS VITA has hints of almond and grass and a perfect balance between spice and bitter taste.

USAGE: It is ideal drizzled on fish or on salads and vegetables.


CULTIVAR (varieties of tree): TELLUS ENERGIA is a blend two thirds from TELLUS VITA and one third from BOSANA typical olive trees from the north of Sardinia.

CHARACTERISTICS: Clear and intense green colour with a well structured and intense taste, TELLUS ENERGIA has hints of artichoke and apple. In the mouth the artichoke taste becomes dominant followed by a light sustained spiciness.

USAGE: It is ideal drizzled on meat, soups or on the classic bruschetta

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2 x 75cl Bottles Energia”

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