Our Goal

Our ambition is to produce the best olive oil for ourselves and our friends. We learn with passion and we do not like to accept compromises on quality. Not only we are committed to the quality of our extra virgin olive oil, but we would like to listen to you. We like to receive your feedbacks, suggestions, understand your preferences to continue improving our products.

Olive oils comes with different varieties and tastes. A great extra virgin olive oil does not have any smell or taste defects. Extra virgin olive oil reduces the risk of progression of many diseases thanks to its antioxidant properties, it reduces arthritis Inflammation and can protect us from diabetes and cancer among other risks. Even more doctors in Italy recommend using olive oil in solids for babies that are being weaned off breast milk, due to the many common health benefits. Extra virgin olive oil contains omega 3 and omega 6 in similar portions to breast milk fat and the same percentage of linoleic acid making it an indispensable food for the myelination of nerve fibres and brain development. It is easy to digest and helps gastric functioning, preventing the phenomenon of constipation and colic.

Extra virgin olive oil lovers are people that enjoy life and good food, like Italian one which is simple, made from basic ingredients (e.g. fish, vegetables and olives) and still extremely healthy and tasty. Italian cuisine is the result of centuries of exchanges among different populations that colonized Italy and learnt from each others.

Our philosophy is rooted in the Italian heritage, and particularly in simplicity: the best way to improve anything, from yourself to an organisation to food is by eliminating mistakes and anything that does not add value to it.

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This year we have produced one blend, by mixing different variety of our olives:

  • Energia
  • It means Energy. It is tasteful, intense and recharges your batteries,
  • 2016 Extra Virgin Olive Oil TELLUS ENERGIA has a soft and delicate taste with hints of apple and artichoke. In the mouth, the artichoke note is dominant and is followed by a light, sustained spiciness. It is ideal drizzled on meat or fish dishes and perfect for vegetables or the classic bruschetta.

  • Other in the future
  • 2016's production has been of limited quantity, so it has been possible to produce only one blend. However if 2017 will bring more quantities, we would like to produce other blends, a stronger one that we will call FORZA and a smoother one, which we will call VITA. We keep you posted.
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Our Trees

Having different types of olive trees is very important as olive oil can be blended. We cultivate four types of olive trees:

  • BOSANA (originally from Sardinia) is the most common cultivar of olives in Sardinia. It will give a strong spicy olive oil full of polyphenols.
  • LECCINO (originally from Toscana) is one of the primary olive cultivars used in the production of Italian olive oil. The Leccino olive oil is golden yellow with green highlights. It has a fresh taste, slightly fruity and balanced bitter and spicy. There are hints of herbs (basil and mint) chicory, lettuce, artichoke and almond.
  • PIZZ'E CARROGA (originally from Sardinia) produces olives that can be eaten or used for olive oil production. The olive oil from Pizz'e Carroga is a middle fruity variety.
  • CAROLEA (originally from Basilicata) produces high quality olive oil which has a yellow color with green highlights. It has a middle frutity taste with hints of apple, almond, artichoke and herbs, which give a light bitter and spicy taste

Our Locations

The 3 main olive groves are located south and north of Sassari in Sardinia.

Tellus Agro is located also in Sassari. It is the agricultural company responsible for the production of our olive oil. The address is:

ZI Predda Niedda sud, str 14 n. 1 - 07200 Sassari - Italy

Tellus has a location also in Switzerland of course, in the beautiful Küssnacht am Rigi on the Lucern Lake.