About Us

About our company name and brand:

The name Tellus comes from the ancient Roman religion and myth where Tellus Mater or Terra Mater ("Mother Earth") was the goddess of earth and agricultural fertility. We thought this name could nicely express the high quality of our 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil. There are other reasons why we chose this name, though. Tellus, like many words with the letter ‘U’ has a very Sardinian sound, and in this beautiful Italian island it is where we are starting our olive oil production adventure. In addition, Tellus reminds of William Tell the most important Swiss hero. Switzerland is the land that welcome three of the Tellus’ founders and we want to pay tribute to this beautiful country and its people. Most importantly, though, the reason for choosing Tellus as our company name is that in English it can be read as ‘TELL US’ which is what we are inspiring to become as a company: a group of friend that TELL each other how to improve their lives through a healthy style of living using high quality Italian ingredients.



Co-founder, sales & marketing 


She loves olive trees and is passionated of social marketing!


Co-founder, agricultural production


He makes things happen and is passionated of yoga!


Co-founder, operations


He loves Sassari and developing the potential of his region!


Co-founder, finance and digital design


He likes business platforms and good food!