Tellus is a start-up company created by four Italian entrepreneurs (Graziano, Manuela, Paolo and Gabriele) who share a passion for olive trees and their products combined with Italian food and lifestyle. Tellus produces its superior extra virgin olive oil in Sardinia using traditional and natural methods of production.

Tellus’ goal is to improve the lives of our customers and our friends through the use of high quality ingredients such as our 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil which is produced exclusively in small quantities and to a very high quality.

The name Tellus comes from the ancient Roman religion and myth where Tellus Mater or Terra Mater ("Mother Earth") was the goddess of earth and agricultural fertility. Most importantly though, Tellus in English can be read as ‘TELL US’ which characterises what we are aspiring to become. We would like to be seen as a company which maintains a dialogue with its customers to continuously improve the quality of its products and together promote a healthy lifestyle.


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Extra virgin olive oil is a healthy and testy choice for cooking. Have a look at our blog where we collect news on scientific findings and tips for cooking

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Here the answers to the questions you have asked us. Some more details about us and about the story of Tellus.