Where our Passion for Olive Oil comes from

Passion for Olive Oil

We are a group of people that met in Switzerland few years ago. Graziano is from Sardinia and lives in a nice village close to Luzern with his adorable wife Gaby since more than 20 years. However Sardinia is always in his heart and he often goes there to meet family and friends. Over the years his interest in olive trees grew also thanks to his good friend Gabriele, who lives in Sassari (Sardinia) and is very connected with the local olive oil activities. Gabriele already owned olive grove and also Graziano last year decided to invest in one.

Few months ago Graziano was at dinner by us, close to Luzern and told us about his growing passion for olive oil production. My wife Manuela always dreamed to produce her own olive oil and she immediately start to planning on joining Graziano and Gabriele. Soon after Manuela and I felt in love with a little olive grove close to the sea shore in Platamona and decided to buy it.


Now the four of us are starting our journey with Tellus. We want to produce the best olive oil for us and if we are successful we will share the result with our friends around the world.